Multiples Resources

Here is a collection of websites and resources that have helped us navigate the world of multiples and pay it forward to the next generation of multiples mommies. We've worked with many great charities, speakers and workshop leaders at conventions that we'd like to share as well. If you have resource to share, please contact the webmaster at

Multiples Resources

Multiples of America


The Multiples of America aka National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through support, education, research.  In partnering with local support groups, health care providers, researchers, and educators, and with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism, we endeavor to aid parents of multiples and to raise public awareness of the unique qualities of multiple birth families. 

April Multiple Birth Awareness Month


While parents of multiples celebrate multiple birth awareness day every day, Multiples of America, Inc. recognizes April as Multiple Birth Awareness Month. 

What can clubs do to raise awareness about multiple birth awareness in their local communities?  Here is a list of ideas to get you started!

March of Dimes


Learn more about birth, health and NICUs. March for Babies is a charity walk that helps babies in NICUs, in which many families of multiples are familiar.

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start. 

Ronald McDonald House


Ronald McDonald House was a past convention charity. Donate or find a local chapter to help!

Keeping families together and near the medical care they need through a network of local Chapters.

Hugs for Brady


Hugs for Brady was a past convention charity. Donate or find how you can help! 

The Hugs for Brady Foundation is dedicated to helping children with childhood cancers. 

Twins Talent


Lisa and Debbie Ganz of Twins Talent were past convention speakers.

TWINS TALENT is a unique company with a long track record of success in CASTING REAL PEOPLE. As a casting company, we specialize in supplying REAL PEOPLE for unscripted and documentary programming as well as research projects.  

Twinsburg Twins Days


The Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio is the largest annual gathering of twins and multiples in the world!



Great resource for all things twin!

Now reaching over 2 million families a year in over 150 countries, Twiniversity is the largest global resource for all things “twinnie”. With worldwide recognition in her field, Natalie Diaz brings her twin parenting expertise to our online resource.

Family Promise of Morris County


Family Promise of Morris County was a past convention charity. Donate or find how you can help!

Family Promise of Morris County is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the crisis of homelessness faced by Morris County families by partnering with other public and private agencies, religious congregations and community volunteers to provide shelter, case management and mentoring services leading to self-sufficiency. 

Dad's Guide to Twins


Dad's Guide to Twins is a resource for parents in the world of multiples! Podcast, books, social media.

Dad’s Guide to Twins has helped thousands of twin parents like you prepare for and raise twins through helpful articles, books, podcasts, videos, and more since 2009. 

Reflect & Refine


Rachel Wettstein is a member of NJATMC and was also a past convention workshop leader. 

Reflect & Refine is committed to empowering educators through personal and professional development workshops that inspire positive change using metacognitive strategies and mindfulness.

More to Come!


Quads Make Seven


Kerry Fee, member of NJATMC and RVMOM, has a blog about life with Quads!

Twin Life: Having It All


Dr. Kristin Hawley Turner, member of NJATMC and RVMOM, has a blog on the Twin Life! 

The Technopanic Podcast


The Technopanic Podcast is a podcast about living and learning in an age of screentime. This podcast is hosted by Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne and NJATMC member Dr. Kristen Hawley Turner.