Installation of 2019-2020 Executive Board at 2019 Convention, November 2, East Brunswick, NJ

About NJATMC Membership

We are a state-wide organization providing cohesion and guidance for the local multiples support clubs in the State of New Jersey, under the national umbrella of the Multiples of America organization.

By registering your membership with one of our 15 local clubs, your dues pay for membership within the NJATMC state level organization and the Multiples of America national level organization. Please see the Local Clubs page to contact your group!

Membership in NJATMC

NJATMC is an association of clubs. The members of NJATMC are dues-paying clubs in NJ who have accepted the by-laws, standing rules, and official procedure of NJATMC.

Member clubs receive a newsletter and the directory of member clubs. Individual members of the member clubs enjoy reduced rates for the NJATMC Annual Convention, access to the NJATMC network of Connections pen pals (for MOM's who either suffer from a disability or have a disabled child), and access to the Members' only section of this website.

If you are not already a member of one of the member clubs, find a club near you on the Local Clubs page.

If you are interested in starting a Twins' Mothers Club or a Mothers of Multiples Club in your area, we can help! Send an email to

NJATMC Presidents

Past Presidents of NJATMC

1960-62 Pauline George (Union, Somerset & Middlesex, now Mountain Plains)

1962-63 Marie Buglione (Passaic)

1963-64 Fern Joseph (Bergen)

1964-65 Marie Kegney (Passaic)

1965-66 Wini Weiss (Morris)

1966-68 Maureen Ames (Suburban)

1968-70 Ingrid Hetfield (Mountain Plains)

1970-72 Helen Barrett (Bergen)

1972-73 Dot Ahern* (Lake Area)

1973-74 Lucille Deacon (Lakeland)

1974-75 Elsie Turqmann (Mountain Plains)

1975-76 Gene Baugh (Camden)

1976-78 Dot Ahern* (Lake Area)

1978-80 Virginia Ryan (Mercer)

1980-81 DeDe Kier (Ocean)

1981-83 Merri Tozer (Seashore)

1983-85 Betty Reid (Morris)

1985-87 Nancy Larson (Central Jersey)

1987-89 Rose Messinger (Mid-Jersey)

1989-91 April Anderson (Mid-Jersey)

1991-93 Linda Squires (Garden State)

1993-95 Pat Wagner (Garden State)

1995-97 Terri Allen (Bergen)

1997-99 Peg Mockler (Bergen)

1999-01 Chris Incontro (Bergen)

2001-03 Trish Michalkowski (Garden State)

2003-05 Judy Zobele (Raritan Valley)

2005-07 Michelle Sydoryk (Northwest)

2007-09 Jackie Bass (Mountain Plains)

2009-11 Irene Risley (Raritan Valley)

2011-13 Lorena Melcher (SJMOMs)

2013-15 Liz McNamara (SJMOMs)

2015-17 Dianna Morris (SJMOMs)

2017-19 Crystal Barton (Jersey Shore)

2019-present Kathy Minnite (SJMOMs)