Multiples of America (formerly National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs - NOMOTC)

NJATMC encourages all mothers of multiples to participate in research projects concerning twins and/or their families. Multiples of America maintains a list of open research studies. These researchers all have contracts and have been approved by MoA. We encourage you to participate in any of the studies for which you or your multiples have the proper qualifications.

New Jersey Association of Twins' Mothers Clubs

Each year at the NJATMC Convention, the 2nd VP reports on the preceding years' research. Information is included about Multiples of America research reports. The 2nd VP collects data from each of NJATMC's member clubs annually in the form of the "twin registry survey." She complies the statistics and reports on statewide trends. In addition, the 2nd VP encourages the member clubs to conduct research surveys within their local clubs. She also urges individuals to participate in research studies offered both through MoA and locally.